Things to Check before leasing a Warehouse

When one is considering to lease a warehouse space then there are certain crucial factors that they need to know. The process of finding a warehouse becomes easier then and one can meet their needs by doing that.

Warehouses are very important when it comes to the development of economy. So one should looks for the perfect office warehouse for lease in Mumbai which will meet all the requirements. Things to check before you lease them.


One needs a proper area where they can store their goods. They also need to use precision machinery and equipment transport and so one has to be sure that there has to be parking facilities before they finalize the lease agreements. One also needs to check whether they can drive and park big trucks in the parking areas or not.

Maintenance and operating expenses

Before signing the lease one has to make sure if the maintenance and the operating expenses can be included in the deal. One should know all the responsibilities and about the insurance and taxes before they agree to the deal. One needs to know what the landlord is going to pay for. So they will know what they will be responsible for. This will help one to think about your budget while they are leasing warehouse space.

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

There are many buildings which do not have proper spaces for ventilation, heating and air condition. So, in most cases, the one who is taking the lease are responsible for installing them. Before you sign the lease for warehouse, make sure that landlord is inspected and repaired all units. You need to know that every of these units are working well.

Zoning regulations

If you are interested to find the warehouse to rent outside of storage, you need to make sure that zoning regulations are present in the area permit. Before you sign the lease, consider this if you want to utilise space for some particular purposes. Some retail tenants like the idea of leasing an industrial property because the lease rates are cheaper than the retail ones.

Usable space

The space mentioned in the warehouse may not be the usable space in total. Some landlords calculate the total square footage of the warehouse along with the outside and the inside space of the building. But that is exactly not the total space that can be used or utilized. One needs to calculate the usage space only before leasing because this is also a very important factor to consider when leasing warehouse space.

Sufficient electricity

If one is leasing a warehouse space for special purposes and they need some substantial amounts of electricity then they have to make sure that warehouse provides it before they sign the lease. So, one can always bring an experienced electrician to evaluate the available amperage in the warehouse.

Floor load limitations

If you need to store heavy goods or equipment in the warehouse space, think about how much warehouse floor can handle without being damaged.

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