Tips for navigating the new Google+ stream

Google Inc, recently announced the all new redesigned Google+ at the I/O developers conference. The newly designed Google+ is loaded with great features and most importantly, a completely new Google+ stream, which to some point matches with Pinterest. Here are some tips to navigate the all new Google+ stream.

Have A Look At Search Box, Circles and More

Whenever you want to read a post you scroll down the stream, what happens is many things disappear from your current screen like the top Google Bar, Profile Photo, Search Box, Circles, Home Buttons etc. Now, if this irritates you and you want to get all those back you don’t have to scroll all the way up, instead you just need to scroll your mouse wheel up for a few times only and you can see them quickly. Don’t press the Up Arrow because it’ll take you all the way up. Just try to use your mouse wheel only, it’s a way lot easier and quicker.

Let’s Learn Some Keyboard Shortcuts

Here is a list of keyboard shortcuts that will help you to ease up the access of new Google+ stream.

j: to see the next post


k: to see the previous post


o: to expand or collapse current post


n: for next comment on current post


p: for previous comment on current post


r: to comment on current post


l: to load new posts


/: to search


?: to show shortcuts list


Up arrow: to scroll up


Down arrow: to scroll down


Choice; Two Column Or Three Column

Google Inc didn’t offer any settings to get to switch between two column or three column but little is known about the fact that there is a tiny trick to do so. It all depends upon the screen resolution of your monitor or laptop screen. If your screen resolution is 1570 pixels than you will automatically be looking at the three column view and if the screen resolution is less than that then you are looking at two column view. There is an open option to switch between two or three column view, you can change it as per your wish anytime.

Returning To The Top

There is another way to return to the top. Everybody is addicted to social platforms these days so if you are consumed in some post which is at the very last of the page then you commonly click on the Home button available on the top of the screen but there is even more easy way to do that. You just need to click on any free space in the menu bar and you will return to the top eventually.


This point doesn’t necessarily fall under navigation but it’s an important point that shouldn’t be missed. Select the Green icon of the Hangouts from the top right of the browser window to open it. If you suddenly feel that this is a bit distracting to you just click on that button again to hide it.

Go ahead and try all these tips to meaningfully navigate the all new Google+ stream.

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