Top 10 File Sharing Sites

Tired of managing, sending large files through your email box? Hereby I am going to share Top 10 File Sharing Sites for sharing your content among the web. Now it’s time to switch towards large data file sharing sites which will be proved as “virtual vehicle” for handling large amount of data files. There are many advantages of these sites. Here I am going to tell you about top 10 websites to share your files without spending a penny.



Dropbox is one of the best file sharing sites in the world. Dropbox allows every user to make a special folder on each of their PC through which synchronization takes place and user can access the files through a website or by mobile application placed in that folder. User friendly and available on every platform as well as 2 GB of free cloud storage provided to every user. Even you can earn up to 16 GB of additional free cloud storage by referring Dropbox to your friends and limit of file is 200 GB per day. It had 35 million monthly visitors.

Google Drive

Google Drive  is a file sharing site whose cloud storage offers 15 GB of free storage which can be shared among its all services. Using Gmail, Google plus you can share your files through Google drive. You can edit, save and share your files easily. Whole MS office work can be done using Google drive. You can easily use the tool from android, windows and iOS smart phones. It had 19 million active users monthly.



Mediafire cloud storage offers 10 GB of free storage in its basic plan. For getting more cloud storage you have to choose your paid plan according to your need. Up to 100 TB cloud storage service is provided but you have to pay a fixed amount for this. You can share any type of files and the limit is 200 MB per file. It had 22 million visitors monthly. cloud storage offers 50 GB of free storage in its basic plan. Mega .co is a newly launched service after shutting down of Users can use up to 4 TB by paying a fixed amount. Mobile apps are also available for


4shared is an online file sharing site for all your documents like photos, music, photos, videos and books also. The size limit is 2048 MB per file. 15 GB of space is provided for your files. It had 21 million active users monthly.


Box cloud storage offers 10 GB of free storage. Box is popular among business and enterprise users while Dropbox is popular among individuals. Using paid plans 1 TB can be accessed. You can upload files smaller than 250 MB to the cloud which is problem of Box.


Depositfiles cloud storage offers 25 GB of free storage for self data. FTP upload, Remote upload and Flash uploader is also present. You can upload photos, videos and work papers also. You can also download the mobile version for your smartphone. It had 4.75 million monthly visitors.


Copy cloud storage offers 15 GB of free storage in addition 2 GB of free for Twitter post. Also provides 5 GB free by referring friends for Copy with no limit. User friendly and can be accessible from your smart phones, MAC and windows PC.



Onedrive cloud storage offers 15 GB of free storage as well as 3 GB free for photo synchronization mobile app in addition 500 MB free by referring friends for Onedrive up to 5 GB. Microsoft recently re-branded its cloud storage service previously known as Skydrive to Onedrive. You can access Onedrive through MAC, Windows or phone. It had 16 million monthly visitors.



iCloud is also a file sharing website which stores contacts, photos, calendars, apps, music, books and more in the cloud and access those on all your devices it offers cloud storage of 5 GB for free. You can use 10 to 50 GB by paying a fixed amount. The service had 320 million users in July 2014.

So these were best file sharing websites and you can use any one of them for sharing content around the web.

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