Top 10 Social Media Tools To Save Your Time

Top 10 Social Media Tools To Save Your Time

If you think that social media tools for marketing will take all the time in the world that you can spend then it’s a bit exaggerating statement. Sure you want to be the top marketer on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and what not, but for that you must smartly choose your social media management tools along with regular updation of your blog and keeping your email subscriber happy with some new content. Now, I am saying it like this, so it is sounding a bit difficult, but it’s not that tedious. You aren’t alone in this.

Yes, it’s important to devote valuable time for social media marketing but this is also true that it can take more than that time and can eat up the time required to embrace other marketing channels. Hence, stating that every problem has a solution, here are some social media management tools that can make your work easy and fast. The choice is yours to smartly use these tools to gain similar or even better results while you save a few extra hours then you did earlier.

Following are some technology tools that will help you in saving time in managing all your social media accounts and getting the most out of your social media campaign.

Are You NIMBLE With Your Social Media Relationships?

Why do you use social media? Generally to build relationships with people who can help your business grow. These people are those who purchase your products and services and talk about your products with their friends and family and ultimately become loyal to your brand.

NIMBLE is more of a CRM tool specifically designed for social media space management. It helps you with managing all your contacts. You can save all the contact information, monitor conversations, manage sales and track activity on different platforms.

Manage Your Profiles With HOOTSUITE

HOOTSUITE allows you to manage all your social media profiles from one single place. You can easily schedule all your tweets, your Facebook page updates, Posts on Google+ and much more throughout the day. This tool is being popularized as a dashboard, everything is in front of you like a car’s dash. It’s free but with growth of your business you’ll need to upgrade to pro version.

HEYO Will Grow Your Email List Using Facebook

HEYO also works for mobiles apps and websites. It connects with your Facebook account and helps you develop custom apps for your Facebook fan page. You can find numerous app building templates to choose from and just add your content to sell products, offer deals and more. Build a custom app on Facebook that offers a free ebook on a much read topic and offer that ebook only after people submit their email address and there you go. Your email list will get stronger.

Get Google Analytics On Your Profiles

You know how much traffic is being driven from your social media profiles but have you taken into account, how much traffic is coming and how is it converting. Doing this will let you choose where to devote more time and effort to get more effective results. Study and apply Google Analytics Social Report on your profiles and get to know which of your call to action terminology is the source that’s getting people respond to it.

FOLLOWERWONK will follow your followers

When the concern is totally about the data of your followers on Twitter. This a great tool provided by Twitter to squeeze maximum business out of your Twitter profile. This tool helps you find out people by keywords and location in their profile bios. With the help of this you can track the ongoing trend. Hence, it helps you in determining where to spend your time and attention.


You can’t call it a technical social media tool but it comes handy when you need to know if somebody has said something appreciable about you on social media and you can reach them to thank them and also if your competitors say something trashy about you, you can quickly manage to craft a response. You can also track mentions of certain keywords related to your niche on social media. It’s free and very useful.

Pinterest Serves Smart Tools, Grab One

What Pinalytics helps you accomplish is it finds out the useful content out of the whole Pinterest market which is useful to you. With this tool you can search subject matte, names, keywords and unlimited data that’s useful to you. You will get all the stats on pins, tweets, repins, likes, +1s, shares etc. on different social media platforms

Say Aha With VINE

It’s true that images attract a lot of eyes but what’s more attractive is a 6-seconds amazing video. It’s a free app or say tool from Twitter where you can take a short video of 6-seconds from your phone and upload it to your Twitter account. If 140 characters are not serving you in the best possible ways, try the video tool. This will easily go viral. Share it with your followers, they will share it with their followers and the cycle will go on.

TIMING+ will Time Your Google+ Posts

If you want to make sure that your posts are being seen you need to time your posts with Timing+. The best part about this is that it’ll study all your past 100 posts and determine the right time for your future posts so that your audience get the potential content you are posting on an accurate time. This tool can enhance your readership and increase your use engagement.

BUFFER Automates Your Updates

If you need to get complete data of all likes, replies, shares and retweets then Buffer is the best tool for you. It will let you manage and schedule updates on mostly all social media platforms. There comes a time when you need a vacation, but what about your social media updates? No worries, just set up your content shares ahead of time and leave it to the autopilot system to update it for you while you relax. Still, if you forget to set up the shares on system don’t worry try the mobile app on your android or iPhone.

You can use some or all of them to tell yourself that managing social media profiles is not as time consuming and tedious as you thought it would be. Do your job smartly and effectively with these tools.

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