Top 10 Tips To Get More Twitter Followers

get more twitter followers

A pitch perfect title; don’t you think? Anyway you slice it, Twitter being the most talked about micro blogging site is the one that allows you to spread messages to friends, family, relatives and millions in an instant. Twitter has become internet paradigm since the best thing about it is that it’s really simple and to access it all you need is a PC, Laptop Or even a phone will do. It’s free. A commoner to a celebrity are embracing this platform with the power of 140 characters which can sweep you off your feet.

The First celebrity to make it to a million followers was Ashton Kutcher back in 2009 becoming the most popular celeb that time and now we know Justin Bieber has enhanced those limits and went way past in getting more followers. But I ain’t a celebrity and mostly among us are not, so If I sign up on Twitter today maybe i’ll get 2 followers to start with. So, what to do then, if you leave to chance then whether you continuously tweet everyday and no one is around to read it and retweet if what difference is it going to make? The, happy to announce news is there are ways and tactics to sign up for Twitter and gain as many followers as you like. There exist actual tricks to earn more and more followers to gain popularity in this tweety world and here I am including 10 tips countdown to do so.

10. The Professional Look Of You

By professional I don’t mean that you should pose in formal attire with an office background, what I mean is that you should not attach a photograph of you with a waterfall in the background or a picture of yours with your 8 puppies. Your avatar for Twitter should be completely of your face so that people don’t find it difficult to recognize you and get confused about who you really are. Generally, what we do is crop a small image and whenever someone opens your image all they can see is blurring squares all over your face. To avoid this try uploading a larger image of around 450 x 450 pixels and let Twitter crop it for you so then it doesn’t get destroyed.

9. Study and Apply Perfect Tweeting Hours

And back again with the common sense issues. We all know that it’s useless to continuously Twitter while people are asleep. It’s like throwing your messages, tweets etc. into a deep abyss. So, all you need to do is study the best twittering hours of a day or night. It depends on your location too. So, if you have friends/followers whose locations are different, you need to take out a time map for how are you going to maintain those tweety relations. Although there are no tested studies or surveys about the peak hours of twitter’s usage, but Twitter has hosted many webinars explaining that the most traffic can be seen between 9 a.m. till 6 p.m. in the evening in United States. But still it depends on your location, so it’s better to apply and test which time frame brings you the most traffic and when your tweets are most read or retweeted.

8. Is Your Bio Profile Effective Enough?

There is a thin line between being creative and pretending to be one. What I want to say is no one wants to see a bio profile with a description like “I am a creative punk and that says it all” believe me mate, that doesn’t say it all about you. Your Bio profile should be a mixture of what explains you best like your professional front along with links to the sites or your social media profiles you want to promote. You can also try some great quotations by great people, people might give your profile a second visit because of some great quotation admiration.

7. Direct Messaging “@messages” works best

You can send direct messages to your friends for you both follow each other, but the best part about sending direct @messages is that you can send them to those who don’t even follow you. Like you can send your message to Justin Bieber too, and anybody visiting your profile will see that in your top messages sent. It does matter if Mr. Bieber reply to your message or retweet your message because then all his millions of followers get to notice your message about Bieber. Cool isn’t it?

6. Ask Engaging Questions

This has been a tested fact from Facebook, that people tend to answer questions/quiz out of curiosity and competition. So, Twitter being a microblogging platform, can be a stage for great quiz competitions or just curiosity questioning can also be done, people will participate in both type. Reward them by announcing their @username as winner of the quiz, this will gain you more followers.

5. Become Source of Useful Information

Every bit of what you did the whole day starting from breakfast to dinner can seem interesting to your friends and family but it isn’t a good idea while you still are short of followers. All you need to do is inspire people in some way that they admire you as source of relevant and meaningful information and tend to visit more often. There are many websites that are meant just for compiling a list links of great websites related to their chosen niche or more than one interest that they want to spread. People regularly visit these websites to get links and info regarding their queries and hence these sites become popular. Similarly, you can also tweet meaningful links along with products, articles, blogs or anything you like. Once people find useful information you’ll get more followers than ever.

4. Become A Specialist

It’s not necessary to try to become the one who can tweet about everything under the sun. No one person can be expert in every possible field. So, all you need to do is find your core interests, create a niche for yourself, look into other accounts similar to your interest that are doing good, respond to every inquiry to get etc.. This will give meaning to each tweet you post and thus increase your credibility as a person having great knowledge and information in your selected field, this will surely gain more followers for you.

3. Are You A Wise Repeater?

It may sound a little weird and you may think that posting something more than once can be daunting for your followers but if you are an ardent Tweeter, then there are chances that every follower of yours isn’t able to notice every bit you tweet (according to the 9th point about timing). So, it’s your duty to keep all your followers and visitors informed about what you want to share. Suppose you tweeted about a new android app, repeat the tweet after 8 hours and you may get lucky with people retweeting it. Don’t try to overdo this process otherwise people will think of you as a person who’s got nothing to say but repeat things.

2. Get Known, Post Great Pictures Of You

Twitter users are not very much different from other social media users. They too need something to look at. So, how things happen in your life and how happening is your life can create a buzz for your twitter ID. Hence don’t forget to spread your funny, happy, awkward, weird and other moments with an image description of 140 characters where people can feel your happiness and can share it too. It’s best if you are on the go and have got an iPhone, you can post your images then and there.

1. Leverage Other Platforms For Linking

I put this point on the first position because this can be the best tactic to get more followers and visitors. We all know that every social media platform has got it’s place perfectly intact in the internet world. So, like a perfect businessman you need to craft relations with other businesses too. To do so you need to link all your social media accounts with your Twitter account for if your tweet isn’t getting proper attention on Twitter at any point of time maybe it’s automatically getting posted on Facebook can shake people to visit your Twitter account to find out more interesting stuff. You can also provide your Twitter username (link) under your email signature. Link your Resume from LinkedIn and your Digg account too. With this you can surely have increased number of followers on Twitter.

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