Top 3 Dos and Don’ts of Web Design for Designers Related to an E commerce Venture

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The need for a designer is there for every business. There are times when the owner of a startup or small business may think that he can manage his new venture without a full-fledged and e commerce-ready website. They think that they can use most popular social media platforms to their advantage but the need for a website is now more evident than ever before as companies need an online presence for various reasons. More on this later in the blog.

For a good web designer, we only associate skills like creativity, thinking out-of-the-box and completing tasks on time as the must have. But there are many other factors as well which you may not count as important for a designer but they really are. If you are also trying to venture into the online marketplace and look for a solution, then you need to consult a web design agency which knows not just the basics of the design aspect but keep in mind some aspects that are necessary for making a customer happy too.

Following are the top 3 dos and don’ts of what a designer need to have for making his work stand out and please his customer to no end.

1. Sharing is Caring

Designers need to be creative and that’s where they really score on the design aspect. But sharing the new happenings in the design field is one aspect that some of us may shy away thinking that it can make us less in demand as everyone else will learn these skills. You need to remember that sooner or later everyone would master the skill set you have. So it’s better to share them rather than keep them to yourself.

For example, if a designer thinks that he has an idea concerning a new web feature, he can share it on a community group so that everyone else can benefit. There are many ways in which it can be the best help to a budding designer or a senior one looking for some inspiration.

2. Business Goals

Designers need to focus on the aspects that make a web page look really cool but also put their attention on business goals with the goals like UI/UX. It is a nice way to make their customer’s business more profitable too. When a designer make certain that he is well aware of the brand of the customer and their target audience, he can produce designs that are sheer magic.
The design of a website laced with CTAs that are hard to ignore are what can make it outstanding in nature. Other important aspects like responsiveness, being completely accessible to all the visitors and compatible with all the operating systems and platforms need to be taken care of for a perfect design for a business venture. In this way, the customers of a designer would be able to reach all their goals within the time they have set for themselves.

3. Don’t Make a Mess

I am sure you must have gone through many websites where you get a feel that designers have done too much to win over the customers. Always remember that less is more and minimalistic design coupled with CTAs and aspects mentioned above can do the trick for a designer. A website design especially for ecommerce ventures need not to be a perfect combination of all the best looking websites and design elements. The requirement for every website is different according to its product and target audience. So you can’t expect a good designer to create a design for a children clothing line in the same way as for a consultancy firm offering financial solutions to its customers.

A designer also needs exceptional skills in getting to the problem, that is, the requirement of his customer in a matter of few minutes or else he’ll be lost forever. That’s where designers try to include everything in the design process as they are not aware of exactly what to add and what to omit from the design. A messy web design is the last thing a business venture wants.

Final Word

I am sure that you have find this blog interesting enough. I am open to questions and feedback so that I can make this blog even better in the future. So go ahead and speak your heart out by using the comments section below.

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