Top 5 Alternatives of Skype VoIP/Phone Service

The Skype, which is now Microsoft owned company is famous for its free video chat, but also a service provider of inexpensive VoIP functionality but, Skype is stopping the internet based calling services like delivering calls on landline and mobile phones in India from November 10, 2014.

If you are travelling outside India then you can make calls to landline and mobile phones in India. In a statement Skype said that if you are based in India then you would not be able to make calls to phones in India.

The VoIP/Phone services by which users make call via internet on other landline/mobile phones would block by Skype. Now people of India are finding the best alternatives of Skype, Here I am providing best alternatives of Skype VoIP service.

What is VoIP service?

VoIP abbreviation of Voice over Internet Protocol is a technology used for making free or inexpensive calls locally and internationally integrated with advance features compared to the traditional phone system. Simply VoIP service is phone service with extra feature provided by VoIP service provider.

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Alternatives of Skype VoIP Service

Now have a look on best alternatives of Skype phone service.

Frinzo Mobile Dialler App

The Frinzo Mobile Dialer app consists all qualities of Viber and other mobile dialers apps, but its good quality and cheap calls make the Frizno unique from others. The good quality of call distinguishes the Frinzo different from the crowd of mobile dialer app. The Finzo Mobile Dialer app is beyond the age. From the age of 15 till 60, anyone can use the Frinzo Dialer app service at minimal call rates. The users can easily access the VoIP services of Frinzo. You can easily make free calls with good quality at low rates. The Skype has the drawback of low voice quality where as Viber has high VoIP rates. Whereas, the Frinzo offers the best voice quality at low VoIP rates. The Frinzo mobile dialer app provides everything you need. Use the Frinzo mobile dialer app anytime, anywhere according to your need. Frinzo is continuously endowing best services to its customers at very minimal rates.


Viber is the best alternative of Skype VoIP services specially designed for smart phones and can be downloaded on PC also. The app is free of cost doesn’t bother user with the ads and won’t charge a single penny to make calls. The iPhone, Android, Windows, MAC OS, Symbian, Bada and BlackBerry OS users can easily access the VoIP services of Viber for calling. Viber works over 3G/4G and Wi-Fi networks. Viber has 280 million global registered users and 100 million monthly active users. The most attractive feature is when you use Viber you whole contact book can be added into your Viber account. The similar function can be performed by Desktop.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is another alternative for phone services. The calling to other hangout users is completely free but, if you’re calling someone’s mobile or landline phone directly, it would cost fixed Google hangouts’ rates. The rates are very low starting from 2 cents/min and depends who you call. Basically almost the users have Google account and Hangouts comes up with the account. And the android users have the inbuilt app of Hangouts in their device.

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VOXOX is one of the best alternatives of Skype VoIP service combo of phone calls, IM, Video Chat, conference calling and even fax. The VOXOX users are free to make voice calls to other VOXOX users. But, to call non VOXOX users it costs low price. In India, for non VOXOX user the cost is $0.019 per minute for the outgoing calls on mobiles and on landline.


VBuzzer is also a good alternative for VoIP service based on XMPP protocol and competes again proprietary protocol on which Skype, Yahoo! Voice is based on that. VBuzzer offers free PC-PC calling but a monthly fee to call on mobile or on other landline number. The price is $0.049 per minute in India.

Hope you will like this. If you have any query regarding that you can ask me in comments.

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