Top 5 Android SmartPhone Apps


Android SmartPhone Apps are growing strong on the Smartphone front and hence the market is flooding with unlimited supplies of user friendly apps. Smartphones come with some great native apps which can directly contact the OS and needs no container to run it. The new generation smartphones are being developed with excellent native or traditional apps, but people still need something extra as an option to choose from and yes everything you need isn’t there.  According to a leading market researcher, who really is a biggy, there will be over 50 million android applications downloaded by 2013. Since people are now considering android smartphones(specifically) as the leading means of communication and fun, the android  market will cater more and useful applications for people.

Everyday, new apps are being developed to give an unmatched user experience to the smartphone users. No matter which Smartphone mobile you own, be it HTC sense Phone, Samsung Galaxy, Android Stock Phone or any other. Newer and better apps are being made easily available in the market. Below is a list of 5 apps that every Smartphone owner should install, let’s have a look –

Dolphin Browser HD

Yes, you do have got a browser already installed in your smartphone and it’s good too but what you need for your smartphone are all best apps which enhance your usage experience and that is why Dolphin Browser HD is being recommended here. It is amongst the most sophisticated yet easy to use browser which is very fast in rendering web pages in their best form. It also possesses a unique touch system for improved web browsing. The bookmarking system is as easy to use as on any desktop system, easy like just tapping on the screen. You can also add hundreds of functionalities to the browser as per your desire, with the help of the plug-in provided by Dolphin. Dolphin also provides a configurable gesture system that lets you trigger actions by drawing on screen with a fingertip. There are both free and paid versions available.


AppGarden Lite

The interface may seem a little old fashioned but AppGarden Lite is a lightweight application with dozens of utilities available. Be it conversation charts, bar code reader or password generator all is there. Options are available for a better usage like you can bookmark a utility to use it later and choose from folders which has got QR scanner, Tip calculator, Urban dictionary look-up, Stop Watch, Currency Calculator, Calorie Calculator and more.

AppGarden Lite


If you are that Gaming Wiz Kid and play a lot of games then this is one of the best apps for you. OnLive lets you play current generation and PC games on your android smartphone device. You just need to stream those games from OnLive’s servers. It will be best if you have a 4G connectivity and a wireless game controller because most games require them.


IMDB Movies and TV

This application is for those mad head people who love music, movies, television shows etc. and want to know every bit of information related to them. If at any point you can’t remember an actor’s name or a movie’s director IMDB Movies and TV will save your day. This is believed to be the handiest website which never fails when it comes to provide any kind of information related to TV, film or Hollywood. With this app you can even find out which movie is being played at which theater near you and even purchases tickets for you.


Google Maps

It’s been a long time since Google Maps has been helping people easily navigate streets, landmarks, parks and other outdoor location all over the world. An indoor navigation feature has been introduced in November which lets you trespass airports, shopping malls and any large buildings. It shows you the way to wherever you want to go. It’ll provide you with turn by turn GPS navigation to your destination. You will also get free voice navigation whether you are driving, walking or using a public transport. And what’s best is you can also see estimated time required to reach your destination based on the latest and live traffic information.


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