Top 5 IVR Softwares for Optimizing Your Call Flow

Today I am going to share you a detailed description on Top IVR Softwares for optimizing your call flows.  IVR ( Interactive Voice Response  is getting more popular day by day. Each and every office, companies and business enterprises are taking benefit of IVR softwares. In this post, I am going give you an overview on Top 5 IVR Softwares and its benefits.

Now here I am going to describe about the Top IVR softwares by which you can optimize your calls flow and which can be beneficial for you.


1. inContact Center Software:

inContact Inc. is the one of the software among top 5 IVR Softwares and  was founded in 1997, provider of an on demand contact center software. It provides cloud based service. The products such as automatic call distribution, interactive voice response system, speech recognition etc are provided by inContact. IVR and automatic call distribution are the basic building blocks of inContact.For an IVR of inContact, click here.

Features of incontact Center Software

  • Speech enabled IVR
  • Automated Speech Recognition
  • All locations can be served by one IVR
  • Integrated with Automatic call distribution software
  • Automatic call back without any extra charge

2. RingCentral

RingCentral was founded in 1999, provider of multi level IVR. It provides cloud based service. The products such as RingCentral office, RingCentral Mobile, RingCentral Fax etc are provided by RingCentral. Multi level auto attendant have encapsulated the concept of multilevel IVR. For a multilevel IVR of Ringcentral,

RingCentral multilevel IVR has various features:

  • Enhance the auto receptionist capability
  • Dial-by-name directory, voice mails
  • Phone routing management for multiple locations
  • Flexible: Deploy various IVR menus for multiple location
  • Add direct number
  • Professional IVR prompt creation

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Five9 was founded in 2001, provider of cloud contact center software. It provides cloud based service. The products such as automatic call distribution, interactive voice response system, CTI, Predictive dialer, Power and preview dialer etc are provided by Five9. For an IVR of Five9, Click here.

Five9 IVR has various features

  • Visual script designer
  • Text to speech builder
  • Speech Recognition
  • Call variable reporting
  • Recorded Prompts
  • Integrated with automatic call distribution


DialMyCalls was founded in 1999, provider of internet’s first web based wake up services. With the Dialmycalls you can easily record the message and send it to dedicated list of phone numbers. Web based system allows you to access your account from any computer or any device. For the various special services, click here.

DialMyCalls has various features:

  • Control the caller ID
  • Accurate AMD Voicemail detection
  • Text messages and e-mail broadcasting
  • Detailed broadcast reports
  • Toll free phone in system
  • Call back/vanity numbers
  • Polling and RSVP numbers
  • Push to connect

8×8 Virtual Contact Center

8×8 Virtual Contact Center is virtual contact center software. The virtual contact center works 8×8 virtual office VoIP phone. The products such as Virtual office, Virtual office pro, Virtual contact center, Virtual meeting, Virtual office mobile, and Virtual room are provided by 8×8 Virtual Contact Center. For an IVR of 8×8 Virtual Contact Center Click here.

8×8 Virtual Contact Center IVR has various features

  • Self service functions
  • Easily manage your IVRs online for complete control

These were the Top 5 IVR Softwares that will be beneficial for you. Hope it will be beneficial for you. If you have any query regarding the post, you can ask me via comments.

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