Top 6 Best Android Productivity Apps Free Download in 2018

Android Productivity Apps

Recently the Android apps have occupied the top place of the pantheon. These persuasive apps are declared best if you are searching for good stuff with Android. Thousands of Android apps are easily available. It not necessary that only permanent users of these apps can understand their worth. If you want to have the Best Productivity Apps, there are some apps for you. Anyone can easily understand its working and its usefulness. So let’s check out the most frequently used best android productivity apps:

Google Drive

Once you sign into this app, you will get 15GB for free storage. It is frequently available on Android. Google Drive is basically a cloud storage solution. Its usefulness is depicted in the attached suite of Android apps. Google Drive is a pack of Google Keep, Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google Sheets, Gmail, Google Slides and Google Photos. Other than office apps, numerous Photos app are also available through which you can save video backup and unlimited photos. Google keep is primarily used for making notes. If go pick any of the apps, you will find it very helpful in sense of productivity. Other features may include compatibility with Microsoft Office documents, live collaboration, and other deep sharing features. Though Microsoft Office has the same setup with Office and OneDrive. Though, Google’s solution is easier to use.

Nova Launcher

Nova launcher worked beyond the working of casual launchers. This app is being used for many years and consistently updated so you don’t need to replace your launchers every time. It offers a complete package of hosting features. Such as app drawer, set up your home screen options, customizations of features of home screen, ability to keep a backup, keep themes for icons of your other Android apps and many more. Even you can turn it into Pixel Launcher if needed. You can also use the premium version where you can control gestures, can do swipe actions of the icon and unread count badges for apps. Hence it contains all necessary features which a launcher should hold and use Buy Youtube views.

Solid Explorer

File browsing is the most demanded feature that everyone wants to do with the paced capability of the fantastic file browser. Solid Explorer is the most recommended file explorer app. You can go through 14-day trial free of cost but if you have decided to use this app then you have to pay app costs $1.99. In this time everyone needs to install this app because of this mesmerizing features such as SMB/CIFS support, Material Design, WebDav, archiving support, SFPT, support for the most widespread cloud services and FTP.


SwiftKey Keyboard is the one where customized third-party keyboards are frequently available. This app got popularity back to many years when there was no other predictive engine in any keyboard. It has ruled on other keyboards for several years. You can freely download this app or you may purchase additional themes. Other features are also available on this app which includes, cross-device sync with your library, a dedicated number row, it supports multiple languages and SwiftKey Flow which support gesture typing. So it is proved that Microsoft owns SwiftKey. It can easily adjust to your keyboard space. You can choose Google’s keyboard app or Gboard for the second option but SwiftKey will always remain at the top.

Tasker & IFTTTT

Tasker is a hypnotic application that only demands your patience in its working. It allows its user to customized commands which can then be used at several places. Taskers can help you to create complex commands like for NFC tags. There are many others apps which are supported by tasker. This app is used for multi-tasking so no one can confine its properties and functions. It can support plugins which you add and can handle your massive stuff which you do. Though there are hundreds of another app which may perform the same functions none can compete with this app at any cost. IFTTT is another admirable automation app. IFTTT is supposed to have more users than Tasker and that’s why it is considered better due to its simplicity.


This tone is the most interesting app you have ever seen. This app is a complete bundle of multiple options like attractive wallpapers, multiple alarm tones, charming ringtones, notification tones and many other apps which can directly customize the basic functions of your device. Other than these functions Zedge is a comprehensive collection of other things like theming up your phone for various important events such as Halloween, Christmas and many other holiday seasons. Sometimes customers may have to face some occasional bug issues or irksome advertisements. Now Zedge, Premium version is also in, in the market with reasonable price. It provides premium quality content. Though it’s not of much age its working is surprising. You won’t be able to find any other app like this on Play Store that performs as well as Zedge do.

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