Top 6 Futuristic Web Developments to Look Forward to in 2018 and Beyond

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The ever flourishing web world is home to over 1.8B websites. Many hundreds and thousands of active websites exist. The competition is intensified with regular launches. Innovating new unique ideas and following trends will make your business website noticeable. Here’s what to look forward to in 2018:

1. AMP Is A New Norm

It has been over three years that responsive web design approach is in vogue. In the year 2015, Google started giving importance to websites built in mobile-friendly fashion. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) has been accounted for around 7% of all web traffic for leading publishers in America. AMP is essentially designed with an aim to improve overall performance of ads and web content. This also helps in enhancing speed of website and user experience. Users love the whole experience. No wonder this trend is here to stay for long.

2. Chatbots are Trendy

This is the right time to give a chatbot advantage to your online support. Reports have revealed that poor customer services make large number of organizations lose over $62 million each year. This issue can be effectively addressed by chatbots. You can rely on bots for 24/7 assistance without hiring a full-time online customer service representative. Chatbots are definitely trendy.

3. Static Websites are Extinct

The present age is that of dynamic websites. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that these are quickly overtaking their static counterparts. However, this doesn’t indicate that static websites should not exist anymore. There has been a vast evolution in the number of websites existing and performing on the World Wide Web. The success will fall only on the lap of simple and straightforward sites delivering quick load time. Since these goals are met only by static websites with affordability for business owners, these continue to exist. However, the web design must also be engaging and interesting for the customers to keep coming back.

4. Browser Extensions Will Gain More Popularity

Yes, Google Chrome extensions are in huge demand these days. Unfortunately, people have also started considering browser extensions as a major threat to their privacy. How did this happen? Such extensions are capable of reading god number of online activities of the user. Permissions would be required. Privacy protection should be seriously taken into account.

5. VR And AR

These are definitely the futuristic technologies capable of altering the ways of interaction with websites. Leading organisations such as Microsoft, Google, and Samsung are investing a bomb in these technologies. VR promises to give your users deeply engaging experience of the virtual world. AR will ensure a glimpse of a virtual world in the real world. This will be done while significantly enhancing user experience. Both technologies are not restricted to mobile apps. According to a prediction, the collective market size of these technologies by the year 2021 would be around USD $215 billion.

6. The Age of Single Page Applications (SPAs)

The most popular examples of SPAs include Gmail, Facebook, and Github. It eliminates the need for reloading the web page while in use. This is done by loading all content using JavaScript. Single Page Applications work inside the browser. These display natural behaviour. One of the major reasons users find these applications interesting is because they do not require waiting time. The web pages are directly rendered in the browser of user.
The Takeaway

So, these are the future trends for web development which will thrive in 2018 and coming years and there are so many freelance web developer in Delhi. These will change the face of web development in the long run.

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