How to Watch YouTube Video in Slow Motion?

Here we will discuss about How to watch Youtube Videos in slow motion? First we will take an eye about the ‘You Tube’. Why the YouTube is so popular? The reason is that you can any type of video on You Tube according to your area of interest because it is video sharing website. The features make it different from other websites. The features which make it different from other websites are as technology used in You Tube is based on Adobe Flash Video and HTML5 Player. To watch video we have to install the Adobe Flash Player. Any user can upload any type video in minimum time.

Watch Youtube Videos in Slow motion-

It happens various time that we want see some video stuff either it is a dance move or a dangerous stunt on YouTube videos in a slow motion.

Type 1: To watch this in Youtube Videos in slow motion or to slow down and to adjust this if you are using Google Chrome Browser, click the Setting icon in the lower right corner of the playback window after that click on speed selector and you can slow down it according to your need. You can choose the speed option by .25 or .5 depends upon your choice.

Watch Youtube Videos in Slow motion
Watch Youtube Videos in Slow motion

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Type 2: If you are using Firefox or Internet Explorer then you have to enable the HTML5 version of YouTube’s video player by the click on ‘Request the HTML5 Player’. You can go on also.

Type 3: You can also go on click here to watch Youtube videos in slow motion and paste your URL in the dialogue box.

Watch Youtube Videos in Slow motion
Watch Youtube Videos in Slow motion

Type 4: If in case you are not able to control the speed you can also see it with the help of VLC Player. Choose file – open stream and now paste the whole URL of You Tube video that you want to see in the URL box and click on the open button. Now the video will start. Now to control the speed go to Menu Bar then Playback.In the playback Option you will get the option of playback speed of the video.

Hope this article will be helpful for you and now you can easily watch Youtube Videos in Slow motion.

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