Review on way2SMS site is a communication website founded in 2006. This is India’s 1st free messaging web portal that allows email, social media alarms and chat.  Way2SMS sitesupports all cell phone networks of India both CDMA and GSM networks.

Various aspects obtainable on the site contains the capacity to direct free SMS to cell phone with a character limit of one hundred and sixty words, free e-mail to SMS warnings to any cell phone using the e-mail sending choice provided by virtually all email facility providers containing Yahoo, Gmail and livemail. Way2SMS site helps operators to direct SMS to any cell phone in the country. Sending SMS from Way2SMS is easier and private; beyond all SMS are transported in just a second.Every-day, millions of SMSare directed via Way2SMS. The figures are growing fast.

The site is explored by people from thirty countries every-day and enhances around seven lakh new clienteles every month. As of 2011September, the site had extended a landmark of twenty million users. The site also achieves a huge 365 million contacts and is getting over 55 million contacts every month. About 82 percent of way2SMSwebsite customers are aged among 18 to 30.

Being the 1s tplayer to familiarize PC to cell phone messaging, the site continued the invention with free e-mail warnings on mobile, addition of IMs etc. Placing WAY2SMS site as a 360 degree communiqué tool has helped them to become twenty million robust in very small time. Way2SMS has developed essential part of twenty million people’s life by conveying their feelings, excitements and happiness.

The company has been getting hold of by Value First in 2012 and remained in an argument in the procedure of acquirement. Later out-of-court clearance annulled the acquisition. This supposedly has annual revenue of 2500 million as of 2013

way2sms login
Anybody with a legal Indian cell phone number is qualified for the way2SMS program and you might direct SMS through way2SMS to any cell phone network of India. Consequently if you have a cell phone number from other country, you do not have the chance to use the program now. Free substance is always excessive especially when this approaches to SMS! If you desire to direct free SMS over a cell phone, you will have to usage way2SMS site portal, from a cell phone which is aided with GPRS.

Your SMS is limited to an extreme of 140 words and you are limited to hundred messages a day, but this is free, consequently this is not actually a big deal. At present, they are just capable to support messages in India, but they have a plan on increasing their prospect in the nearby future, consequently who knows, might be way2sms program would become legitimately widespread. You require the capability to store limitless quantities of contacts in your cell phone, no astonishment there, the method technology has progressive, and they have to deliver this feature so as to keep-up with stuffs. It is good to realize how so numerous countries are progressing technology-wise and way2SMS is only another instance of this.

As said by Juxt Consult’s 2011 study, 54 percent of the total citizens are involved in PC to cell phone messaging movement and way2SMS site has closely 80% market portion in the part.
The numbers says the story of by what means way2sms have developed over the last four years in relations of quantity of SMS carried per day. Customers were directing over six lakh SMS per-day in 2008. That quantity was twenty five lakh SMS per-day by 2009; by 2010 this has developed to seventy five lakh per-day. Today they are moving fifteen million SMS per-day. That is a mediocre of 500 throughputs per-second throughout the day hours. They consider every SMS as highly time crucial, so, they have tailored their policy to deliver each single SMS in fewer than ten seconds. Their highly scalable and robust infrastructure could convey over 2000 SMS per second. Their top excellence delivery joined with outstanding delivery rapidity has prepared way2sms extremely popular amongst the internet users.

This package, founded in India, really displays how cell phoneSMS has actually extended in its prospects. There are numerous SMS packages in India nowadays, just similar way2sms that allow consumers to direct free SMS virtual or through cell phones. Providing the customer has acell phone number of India, they are capable to usage the facilities free of cost. There are several limitations to the package, but seeing that this is free, this delivers a great provision.

Some of the key performance pointers of way2SMS

  • Way2SMS site is the eighth fastest rising search keyword as said by Google India zeitgeist 2010 opposing with giants such as twitter and Facebook
  • Approximately 25000 fresh members sign in way2SMS every-day, that is beyond thousand each hour
  • Way2SMS possess the country’s main database of cell phone contacts with above three hundred and sixty million contacts, and is getting over fifty five million mobiles each month.
  • Way2SMS is creating closely 400 million webpage views each month. Way2SMS site delivered over 10 billion SMS till today.

Besides adding incredible value to customers, WAY2SMS has been used by above 1800 non profit establishments to connect, which includes Schools, Hospitals, Police departments, agricultural departments, Revenue divisions and additional government bodies crossways the statuses in the country.

When Raju Vanapala, started computer-to-cell phone SMS service Way2SMS in 2006, he did not have any idea that in 5 years it will develop one of India’s fastest developing Internet syndicates with 19 million consumers, adding aregular 24,000 fresh users daily.

Many other nations offer online messaging service, but not several offer free of cost internet to mobile SMS. Internet to mobile messaging typically has to be bought as part of a periodic plan, or this can be bought as you go. It is fascinating to see by what means a package like Way2SMS actually opens up the entrances for free communiqué. New tech is constantly carrying the global communal nearby together. If you live in India you should have the chance to take benefit of way2SMS, so this is certainly a good idea to have a look at the package, this will absolutely peak your attention.