What Is Pinterest?

What Is Pinterest?

As a matter of fact there is no doubt that Pinterest is already famous, but still sometimes, people are found looking for a face to become the source of introduction to this social media platform when asked about it in deep. A perfect definition explains Pinterest to be a great Social Media Website but there is definitely more to it. Pinterest is among the fastest growing social media site which allows users to pin images and videos on to a virtual pinboard which can be shared and enjoyed by people in their circle. It may seem kind of like other bookmarking sites but users can only pin videos and images. You can also use it on mobile via applications available for Android smartphones and iPhones.

Where it’s visual, it has god great deal in common with Social. Pinterest is a social media platform where users can create pinboards as many as they wish based on their interests, hobbies or business. For example, your are a huge new recipes fan and also a creator of new experiment dishes. So you can make your own recipe board where you can share the images of your new experiment dish and post it. People who follow you and share your interest will repin your work and so can you do to share their content.

If you are a bookmarking person then Pinterest also provides bookmarking tool called “Bookmarklet” which can be installed to your web browser toolbar and whenever you are browsing the internet and find some images or videos you would want to pin, you can do it directly with the help of the toolbar. You can find 5 options to take action whenever you visit someone’s pinboard, you can like their board or specific pin, follow that someone, follow his/her pinboard, repin anyone’s pin to your own pinboard and comment on pins and boards.

The User Base

Though Facebook is the number one when it comes to traffic generation on social media, Pinterest doesn’t seem left much behind. Studies show that most of the Pinterest traffic comprises of Women making it about 80 percent of the total traffic to this image oriented social platform. According to a study report in 2012 by Experian, Pinterest secured third place on national level as the most popular social media platform on the basis of traffic generation of 104 million. Twitter ranked second with a traffic of 182 million in march 2012.

The History

The year 2010 saw another great social media platform called Pinterest founded by three individuals Paul Sciarra, Ben Silbermann and Evan Sharp. And Pinterest proved to be a piece of cake to it’s owners engaging 10,000 users within a month of it’s launch. By the end of year 2011, it attracted 11 million total visits per week becoming one of the 10 largest social networks.In January 2012, it broke the record of 10 million unique visitor mark and reported 11.7 million unique users.

Pinterest For Businesses

The primary traffic and usage of Pinterest was basically the consumer like every other social networking platforms experienced in their initial launch period. After a while, when the user base grew to millions, potential user base, businesses started to take interest in how to use it and how to leverage it to achieve their business goals like to increase the visibility of products or services by showing it in trendy ways. Since Pinterest is a visual platform businesses try to take it’s advantage by uploading great images with great descriptions so that users will repin it out of curiosity and finally end up checking out the product to experience it at least once. An amazing fact says that because of Pinterest’s being so visual and viral even Philadelphia Police Department uses it to upload photos to it’s pinboard, of suspects in crime.

The Content Ownership Controversy

Though Pinterest raised millions of potential and regular users in 2012, but people and businesses started to baffle due to its content ownership policy which said that whatsoever content or any image users pin here, Pinterest claims the ownership of that content for commercial use. This caused a whole lot of uproar among business owners who showcased their product portfolio on Pinterest. Then in April 2012 amendments were made in the policy document on the website where they ended their claims of ownership to anybody’s content. And Pinterest kept growing to become the best visual social media platform.

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