Wining Tactics For Roku Error Free Streaming

Roku – one of the most trusted streaming players that gives you leverage of watching online content on TV, thus, eliminating the hassled ordinary cable connections. The Roku stick is like a magic wand that paired up with your TV set using a cable, and provides flawless streaming of entertainment from the Internet via various content providers. Initially,  Roku Streaming Box was made as the first device for the streaming of Netflix, but with the course of time the channel lineup has grown to leaps and bounds. All you need is the Roku Link code and thereafter you can start enjoy streaming these channels.

Wining Tactics For Roku Error Free Streaming

Roku has various notable features such as voice search enabled remote, brilliant 4K pixel video compatibility etc. Not only has this, Roku offers 4000 channels so that you can stream whatever you wish to. These channels for the most part are free; however, some of these might also be the paid channels like Netflix and others.   Since this device works on internet, for using the Roku you must have a constant internet connection. It can be either hard wired or the wireless connection – as per your comfort zone. Great device, isn’t it? But wait, since every rose is accompanied by thorns, this pretending flawless streaming gadget can have some flaws which results in errors such as Purple Screen Roku or error with

Dealing Various Errors With Roku

By reading this section you will be guided with how to deal with various errors with Roku streaming.

  1. Issues while activation:
    Some error codes like 009, 012, 14.20 or 14.50 might appear on the screen amid of the activation process. When this happen, first of all power cycle your TV set. And if that doesn’t help connect the Roku to a different port of your TV set. Also, make sure you are getting a constant and reliable Internet connectivity.
  2. Purple Screen Roku:
    The next issue that you may encounter with your Roku device is the Purple screen Roku. Along with the purple screen, users get a message on their screen stating “HDCP error. Content is disabled.”  The main cause for this error includes the faulty HDMI cable or the HDMI connector and also the TV incompatibility with the HDCP format. HDCP is the High-Bandwidth Digital Copy Protection. The only available solution thus far is checking the cable connections. Connections must not be loosed and the cables should not have any hardware impairments. You can also go for using a new HDMI cable.
  3. Activating Roku without credit card:
    While setting up your Roku account, you are asked to provide your credit card details. However, this is not a compulsory requirement for Roku setup or activation. You can also activate your Roku account without providing your credit card details via the Roku no CC link. Here you can make a Roku account without sharing your card details. Once done, go to the and login to your account.
  4. Streaming AVI:
    Roku is taking streaming to a new level with providing 1080 HD video content and the dual band wireless performance. But still Roku is not supporting the AVI format. It only supports the WAV, AAC, MP3, FLAC, MKV (H.264), WMV, MOV (H.264) formats. However, there is a solution. You can use the compatible AVI converter. An AVI converter will convert the content format to a Roku supported Format so that you can Stream AVI Roku.
  5. Prevent unauthorized transactions or access:
    To prevent the unauthorized transactions in your account or the access to your content, you can set a security PIN for your Roku account. These are the steps you need for generating your PIN.
    Login to your Roku account using your secret credentials.

Go to the “Settings” and then tap on “Pin Preferences”.

Create the PIN and keep it saved with you for future operations.

For more information, you can get assisted by the Roku Experts on their official website or the roku 24/7 helpline – 1-844-748-9017.



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