You Need to Know The Rules of Twitter Etiquette


Including Twitter in your social media strategy is considered to be a smart move for any purpose. Be it personal or business communication process, definitely twitter should be involved in communicating with your followers. But how? Just using it for your business’s or personal sake isn’t the right way to do it. You need to embrace it and there are certain Twitter Etiquettes that should be followed to properly place the information you need to convey. There are certain set of etiquettes that have been studied, tested and proved to be fruitful in doing the job. If not followed, your twitter account can be termed as non-resourceful.

There are certain questions that make us scratch our mind, like should we consider having different professional and personal accounts? Is editing a retweet okay? What should be the frequency of usage of hashtags? And many more. This is a guide to few simple rules of Twitter Etiquettes which should be followed to avoid any awkward moments spent on Twitter spinning things that are a total waste of your time. Let’s discuss some of those rules –

Give Something Of Value

Whatever you tweet about ask one thing to yourself first, is it adding value to your followers or it it being tweeted just like that? This rule is specifically for brands or businesses but you can also apply it for your personal twittering. The days are long gone now, when people make a joke about Twitter being just a platform for people who share what they do daily like when they had breakfast or took a bath. You should not drag Twitter back there because it is not the same platform anymore. People are leveraging Twitter for better business relations and biggy terms like this. So, don’t post what you had for breakfast unless its remarkable and in such case you must post a pic as well!

Tweet Beyond The Headlines

I have always taken into account that sending out plain news headlines with the related link is quite easy and handy but this doesn’t mean that’s enough. Leaving aside newsrooms and business forums if you are a regular reader or follower you need to take out a great quote or nugget out of that article and then tweet about it. This will bring interest to your followers, eventually your tweet will be retweeted. So, tweet beyond the headlines, show that you take pride in sharing what you actually read.

Over Using #Tags? A Definite No…No…

#Over using # hashtags #in #your #tweets #will #make #you #sound #weird #so #stick #to #2-3 #or #fewer #and #try #to #be #subtle #about #it. Do you need more explaination? SO, now you know how annoying can it be for your followers.

People You Follow Reflect Your Taste

This may be a personal thing but it is always important to know who you should follow. It’s not that you should choose a niche or target towards following only group but whosoever you follow should be relevant to your tastes and interests. There may be people who are irrelevant to your following list and hence you can use some tool to clear that list like socialbro.

Don’t Retweet Manually

Not many people know that manually putting RT with tweeting someone else’s thoughts, is not ethically correct and you may become the hatred target for twitter. It’s clearly stealing of others original work. So, don’t do it, create your own tweets. For further reference you may want to consider researching “manual retweet” in Twitter.

Befriend The Competition

Twitter is a platform to communicate,, spread stories, be transparent and share whatever you want to. It’s ok to follow your competitors and it’s fine if they follow you, but what should never be done by you is don’t ever unfollow them.It looks totally unprofessional. It’s not a place to share your proprietary or confidential info you don’t want certain people to see. So befriend anyone you like.

Negativity Will Kill Your Profile

Yes, I agree that social media is a place to share your views with free will and it’s fine too to an extent when you are criticizing a brand or certain large group and when you are confident about what you are talking about is correct, but criticizing people personally is not a good move. Don’t forget that criticism falls back upon you too. SO, try to keep a positive attitude while you tweeter.

Let There Be Space For Retweet

It’s really tough to cover your thoughts into 140 characters so it’s fine if you reach your maximum limit but from time to time. If you want that people should share and retweet your tweet then you should make sure that you leave enough room for people to add value to it and then retweet it. Keep your @username and description to a minimum and there you go.

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